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From strategy, design, and content to digital and social media, website development, as well as SEO and analytics technology, our team creates and leverages the optimal set of digital assets to reach your communication and marketing targets.
You could call us your digital compass.
We call ourselves Zerda.

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The next-gen
People Counting Solutions
from Storetraffic

Strategy Branding UX/UI 2D/3D Copywriting SEO Marketing
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The international
community that turns
language barriers to ashes.

Strategy Branding UX/UI 2D/3D Copywriting SEO Marketing
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Feeling lost in a digital desert?

Time for a little Fennec flair! At Zerda Digital, we look at situations from a different perspective, taking you from Z to A, with our eyes always on the A+ prize. Where there’s confusion, we speak solution. Let’s build a winning strategy for your digital journey.

digital strategy
brand strategy
lead generation


Our job is to ensure that data proficiency and marketing mastery share a common destiny:

A successful outcome for your brand, organization or company.We help you make sense of data analytics, providing you with comfort outside the comfort zone, and delivering you with clear, actionable insights you can understand.

Research & Trend Intelligence
Data Science
Business Intelligence
Monitoring & Conversion Optimization


User-friendly doesn’t come easy. Creating seamless digital experiences that capture, convert and keep people coming back requires skill, will and knowledge. But simply building it won’t cut it. We’ll design, test, track and measure it too. No friction, no pain, only worthwhile interactions!

Website, App & eCommerce design
User Experience
Content Creation
Social Media & Relationship marketing


Knowledge, awareness, and openness are what we bring to the technological table. If it’s there, we’ll understand how to use it. If it’s new, we’ll learn and tell you about it. And if it’s unheard of and unexpected, we’ll analyze it. Our focus is unshakeable: we’ll harness the optimal set of technological solutions to support your intentions and overarching strategy.

Information Architecture
Media Technology
Sales Funnels
Iteratio Testing

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Let’s connect, Together.

Multifaceted and fast paced, the digital world holds so much potential that choosing the path to success can be a daunting task. That’s where we step in. We foster a genuine culture of collaboration, always seeking a deep understanding of our clients’ needs. Our purpose is to deliver tailored solutions that make sense of digital resources and drive opportunities for the brands and people we work with around the world.