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Some of our latest work


Bolstering HCLTech's rebranding with new website and web design system

Global leader HCLTech enlisted the expertise of Zerda Digital to spearhead the creation of its new website as part of the company’s extensive rebranding initiative.

The collaboration encompassed a comprehensive digital audit, strategic content creation, consultation on digital marketing strategies, and developing a user-friendly yet rigorous web design system to ensure efficient scalability and consistent implementation for HCLTech’s newly supercharged digital presence.


New brand architecture and website embody Canderel's evolution

Canderel expanded its capabilities over decades, positioning itself as a leader in Canada’s commercial and residential real estate industry.

As it orchestrated one of the most significant growth phases in its 50-year history — marked by portfolio expansion, milestone transactions, and new service introduction — Canderel collaborated with Zerda Digital to update its brand architecture, adapt and streamline its brand identity, and create a fully revamped bilingual website that embodies the evolution of the company’s vision, positioning and offering.


Conquering market share for an ambitious SaaS company

Hailed as one of Canada’s most promising start-ups, TrackTik develops software solutions that bridge the gap between security firms’ frontline operations and back-office management.

TrackTik initially partnered with Zerda Digital to optimize its website’s SEO performance and user experience. The collaboration soon expanded to include search engine advertising (SEA) initiatives, display and LinkedIn campaigns, as well as content assets and dedicated landing pages to maximize user engagement and conversions.

SMS Storetraffic

Reinventing strategies and digital opportunities for SMS Storetraffic

With several companies following in its wake, pioneering people counting system provider SMS Storetraffic set the course on a revised game plan.

Zerda Digital partnered with SMS Storetraffic to reflect on business strategies, develop go-to-market plans for new products, and enhance the brand’s digital presence. The collaboration resulted in a new e-commerce-enabled website, revamped advertising tactics, and better-informed metrics analysis to drive results.


Creating a digital gateway into CSQ's reimagined experience

Constitution Square (CSQ) is one of the capital city of Ottawa’s most notable business addresses. With its transformative renovations nearing completion, CSQ turned to Zerda Digital to build a new website from the ground up.

Capturing the property’s revitalized identity, Zerda Digital created a digital gateway into CSQ’s reimagined experience, establishing a cornerstone marketing and communication asset in the process. The result is an online platform that reflects the building’s new positioning and is a powerful tool for showcasing its enhanced offerings.

Gama iQ

E-commerce-enabled website for cutting-edge hairstyling products

With a focus on market penetration and sales increase, Gama iQ sought the expertise of Zerda Digital to create a dedicated website that showcases its lineup of high-performance products tailored for professionals in the hairdressing industry.

Designed to highlight standout product features to industry professionals, the new website also provides Gama iQ with a robust lead generation database. At the same time, its e-commerce functionality delivers a comprehensive digital experience from discovery to transaction.


Outdoor connection: showcasing RV company's innovative lineup

Entrepreneurship competition winner Hélio worked with Zerda Digital to create a website that effectively communicates the brand’s narrative and showcases its innovative product lineup of ultralight caravans for the North American market.

Anchored by a compelling hero video, the website features dynamic comparison tables, easy-to-download product brochures, and prominent visibility of customer testimonials. The result is an informative experience that underscores Hélio’s focus on quality and innovation.

6600 Saint-Urbain

Building brand positioning around a bold real estate project

Following its bold acquisition of an industrial building, Canderel partnered with Zerda Digital to generate market excitement and convey the property’s unique appeal.

Anchored by a dedicated website, the strategy capitalized on this once bustling factory’s transformation into modern office, innovative tactics, digital ads and PR initiatives to address several objectives: underscore Canderel’s forward-thinking, foster community engagement, bolster the property’s art and tech positioning, and drive prospective tenants to the website.

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