Speech Morphing désirait un site Web qui refléterait l’esprit ludique et la facilité d’utilisation de son appli TalkMondo. L’entreprise de la Silicon Valley a retenu ZERDA DIGITAL pour aller de l’avant.


01. The Story

Ever dream of traveling the world and being able to speak with anyone you meet, no matter the language barrier? The bright minds at Speech Morphing have made this dream reality. The Silicon Valley company created TalkMondo, an advanced multi-language communication app, which allows tourists and business travelers from all over the world to interact with people speaking different languages. Awesome, right?
Indeed, Speech Morphing’s request to Zerda Digital didn’t stem from issues with its product value! As it got ready to spread the word on its compelling new offering, Speech Morphing called upon the services of Zerda Digital to create a new website from the ground up, one that would successfully communicate and showcase the outstanding traveler’s companion they created.

02. The Challenge

There was a real disconnect between the current TalkMondo website and the appeal of its advanced communications skills. The website’s content failed to convey the product’s exceptional value and features. Its confusing architecture and slow responsiveness made it hard to navigate and yielded poor user-experience scores (UX), while the design arguably didn’t resonate with target demographics.

The Zerda team’s mission was to conceive and develop a compelling user interface while simultaneously updating the messaging strategy and providing a renewed focus on visual impact.

03. The Approach



When traveling or visiting foreign countries, we aspire to excitement and discovery, seeking a change of scenery as we establish genuine connections with the people we meet. Simply put: people typically envision travel as a joyous experience. This precept would be the starting line for the new TalkMondo website. We developed a fun and refreshing new design, one that steered clear of the old website’s corporate intensive feel. Rethinking the visual language, we targeted a much friendlier vibe, while still imparting a sense of quality and professionalism. Color choice and combination was crucial. We assembled a vibrant color palette, with a strong focus on red to express the shared passion of travelers, and green to convey a vivid impression of connectivity. We created original and fun illustrations, exclusive to TalkMondo. The tailor-made illustrations ensured differentiation from competitor websites that resorted to generic stock images. They also fostered a more personalized connection with target audiences, and spoke a universal language, thanks to iconic landmark representations.
Web Developement

Web Developement

Compelling web design is only as effective as the information structure that supports it. We developed a robust platform to ensure optimal responsiveness, speed, performance, and user-friendliness. The overall site architecture was created, and multi-user tested to enable painless navigation and a frictionless experience.


By clearly defining user personas, we developed a consistent messaging strategy for the new TalkMondo website. The branded storytelling embodied a friendly tone, making it relatable to everyone, from hardcore globetrotters to casual tourists and curious business travelers. The new site also spotlighted persuasive customer testimonials, strategically displayed on heat map trigger points.

04. The Outcome

The focused content strategy pulls users into the experience and entices them to explore the website in a conversation-like manner. The design and information architecture finally highlights valuable features and functions, and does so in a fun-filled way, akin to the joyful experience of traveling and meeting new people.

Through exhaustive analytics and optimized keyword-driven advertising, we also raised Storetraffic’s online profile, with search rankings going from withering to thriving. Taking advantage of Zerda Digital’s marketing expertise, we bolstered brand lift with CRM tactics and optimized the company’s lead process, creating a dynamic lead generation funnel with multiple entry points. Conversion numbers also reached new heights, with stand-out results.

Working as an integral part of the team, Zerda Digital provided Storetraffic decision-makers with robust new performance metrics, and an empowering understanding of the brand’s digital environment and its underlying potential. Leveraging our systematic and open-ended approach, we translated Storetraffic’s business decisions into a comprehensive marketing strategy, focused on long-term success.

User-targeted message strategy

User-targeted message strategy

The reimagined website swaps the old version’s “one size fits all approach.” Still universal, it addresses target audiences and underlines TalkMondo’s benefits.

Custom graphics & design

Personalized illustrations are instantly recognizable, reflecting the convenient and entertaining nature of the product, as well as the memorable experiences it makes possible.
Improved UX/UI

Improved UX/UI

The fresh new look and intuitive navigation provide a level of user experience that reflects TalkMondo’s ingenuity and leading-edge product. The sum of the parts delivers a powerful impression to potential customers, positioning TalkMondo as an aspirational, go-to brand when traveling or communicating with people abroad.