Multifaceted and fast paced, the digital world holds so much potential that choosing the path to success can be a daunting task. That’s where we step in.​

We foster a genuine culture of collaboration, always seeking a deep understanding of our clients’ needs. Our purpose is to deliver tailored solutions that make sense of digital resources and drive opportunities for the brands and people we work with around the world.



Feeling lost in a digital desert?

Time for a little Fennec flair! At Zerda Digital, we look at situations from a different perspective, taking you from Z to A, with our eyes always on the A+ prize. Where there’s confusion, we speak solution. Let’s build a winning strategy for your digital journey.

Think of a digital marketing audit as you would of a fitness assessment session. You share pain points and target your goals, get a precise evaluation of your condition, reflect on resources you can allocate, and, accordingly, receive a personalized plan to move forward solidly. ZERDA is like a fitness center for Digital Marketing. Our team reviews your current assets’ performance, benchmarking your digital footprint against competitors, leading tactics, goals, key indicators, and audience behaviors. This systematic and comprehensive audit culminates in a clear and actionable report, replete with crucial insights and sustainable recommendations you can leverage to take your digital efforts to the next level.
Like traditional marketing, digital marketing is as effective as the action plan it’s based on. Enter the Digital Strategy. By relying on a keen understanding of strengths, weaknesses, business roadmap, audience profiles, and industry landscape, our multidisciplinary team develops cohesive and agile digital strategies that capitalize on viable opportunities. We consider our clients’ reality and ambitions as if our own to establish the set of tools and channels that foster potent digital interactions. Our advice doesn’t end with a well-thought-out sequence of tactics. We also provide the insights and savoir-faire needed to deliver optimal execution.
Leading professional advice and high-performing solutions define the ZERDA mindset. Indeed, no matter a client’s need or request, we follow up with strategic thinking. Still, many clients turn to us for outright consulting services. This option allows any size company to reap the outlook and operational benefits of an outsourced marketing service. It also allows for a bespoke and agile consulting service solution: clients can count on a dedicated ZERDA DIGITAL professional to move ahead confidently. Our digital marketing experts provide the skills, perspective, and know-how to drive reflection, resolve digital marketing queries, and connect marketing strategies with business plans.​
With so many names and competing narratives, a tight-knit brand strategy is more critical than ever for brand awareness and recognition. Whether you’re refreshing an existing brand or building a new one from scratch, our team can help you dive deep into brand strategy waters, and resurface with a bright outlook on your company’s ethos and long-term goals. Backed by comprehensive market research, we translate learnings into focused guidelines and recommendations. Together with our clients, we clarify their mission, vision, and purpose. And by carefully connecting our framework to consumer aspirations, we build in the consistency and agility needed to anchor a brand’s positioning solidly in a fast-changing business environment.
Brand awareness and brand recognition strategies aren’t what they used to be. Of course, ad buying is still part of the equation. But reach is far more limited. Today, companies need to earn people’s attention. To drive traffic, build trust, and fuel interest in a company’s products and services, we craft impactful lead generation strategies and leverage high-performing channels—landing pages, blogs, email, demos, ads & retargeting, social media and more. Through proven, novel, or even bespoke tools and tactics, our team defines the set of actions and hones every touchpoint. Based on insightful and consistent lead scoring techniques, we nurture effective and long-lasting connections with your potential clients.


Our job is to ensure that data proficiency and marketing mastery share a common destiny:

A successful outcome for your brand, organization or company. We help you make sense of data analytics, providing you with comfort outside the comfort zone, and delivering you with clear, actionable insights you can understand.

Business intelligence (BI) and Data Science (DS) form a powerful duo. By combining proven technologies with data review capability, our team helps our clients collect and analyze free-form information from various touchpoints, yielding actionable insights proactively. The takeaway? Data Science can reveal new opportunities, power decision-making, and drive future business strategies.
It turns out we are not that intelligent after all!
Business intelligence (BI) and Data Science (DS) form a powerful duo. With leading software and proven techniques, our BI specialists monitor, process, and interpret existing business data. You can think of BI as a descriptive analytics process. The outcome: a keen understanding of your organization’s current and historical performance.​
By systematically monitoring a digital ecosystem, we can continuously optimize crucial touchpoints, interactions, and digital experience. Whether an online user is in the early stages of the buyer journey, or has evolved into a qualified lead on the verge of completing a purchase, we apply conversion optimization tactics that steer our client’s audience toward the desired goals and actions.​


User-friendly doesn’t come easy.

Creating seamless digital experiences that capture, convert and keep people coming back requires skill, will and knowledge. But simply building it won’t cut it. We’ll design, test, track and measure it too. No friction, no pain, only worthwhile interactions!

A truly effective website, app, and eCommerce design isn’t a simple fill-in-the-template procedure. It requires framing a robust, stable, and scalable back-end structure that supports your ambitions. It also involves developing a focused look and feel that firmly expresses your brand ethos and reflects user experience targets. Put simply: we build e-platforms that start and end with your business goals in mind.​
User-Experience Design (UX) and Information Architecture are like digital BFFs. UX requires up-to-date research and testing and plays a decisive role in producing content and visuals. Through an in-depth understanding of user behavior, we generate digital interactions that align intuitive navigation with user-centered trigger points. The end-goal? To create the optimal meeting space for a brand and its audience.​
Creating content calls for more than punchy words and above-average writing flair; it’s about giving a voice to a brand and telling its story accurately. Impactful content creation is steeped in strategic thinking. It involves targeting the right tone for a website and establishing a seamless information hierarchy. It requires the research and know-how to respond to audience queries, as well as the insight and wits to surprise with compelling storytelling.​
Just upload and share… it’s that simple! Only it’s not. Successful Social Media (SM) ties to a brand’s overarching strategy. SM professionals weigh in on a set of clear goals, opportunities, and challenges. The ZERDA team capitalizes on the data, but we also look beyond the numbers. We design assets and create content, and find the sweet spot between paid and organic. We leverage specific platform attributes, monitor changing algorithms, and foster continuous engagement. As a result, more than dazzling metrics, our clients reap genuine benefits.​
To ensure a brand’s look, feel, and voice are steeped in authenticity is to ensure compelling connections with your audience. When done right—and with the right partners—the results are amazing. Yet reaching that milestone is no easy feat. Thinking and creating a brand’s identity requires getting both sides of the brain to work in harmony. It starts by getting to know you, through and through, and then venturing deep into market research territory. Our team fuels the creative journey with inspirations that help define your brand’s unique story. When the final visual is crafted, and the last word is entered, we provide the guidelines and assets that ensure your brand shines on every platform.​


Knowledge, awareness, and openness are what we bring to the technological table.

If it’s there, we’ll understand how to use it. If it’s new, we’ll learn and tell you about it. And if it’s unheard of and unexpected, we’ll analyze it. We’ll harness the optimal set of technological solutions to support your intentions and overarching strategy.

So you quickly found what you were looking for on a website? There’s a reason, and it’s called Information Architecture (IA). Robust IA requires up-to-date knowledge of information management standards and a strong understanding of the ties that bind content, context and users. By organizing information correctly—and anticipating future developments—our team ensures your audience engages intuitively with your digital platforms, fostering superior experience, triggering desired actions, and enabling the sustainable growth of your digital footprint.​
Today’s advertising and broadcasting technologies provide brands with options and ease of access that yesterday’s media could only dream of offering. But there are caveats. Several. Increased possibilities come with greater technical complexity, more intricate audience segmentation, and faster-changing user behavior. Plus, with so many platforms vying for brands’ attention, several companies end up feeling like they’re missing out or, worst yet, they’re spreading their media efforts thin. Our team can help you move forward wisely, selecting the right media and tech, monitoring performance continuously, and ensuring your strategy and media mix align with business goals​.
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Online search results are a high stakes matter. Profitable SEO undertakings require technical savvy, a keen understanding of customer behavior, and regular monitoring and reporting. Likewise, search engine recognition takes time, and algorithms change frequently. SEO territory may be fraught with challenges, it’s also ripe with opportunities. Whether you’re looking to optimize a current web platform or working with us to create a brand new one, our team provides clear and strategic recommendations to turn SEO into a powerful tool for your business.​
Successful marketers thoroughly study customer behavior, closely connecting tactics and touchpoints with consumer psychology. Multi-step sales funnels of the digital era embrace similar logic. They yield impressive ROI, with tactics that are, however, infinitely more complex by nature. Our job is to make the process simple and highly effective. By engineering the right system, our team helps you define, automate, and manage a digital sales funnel that scales your income and resonates with prospective customers’ mindsets.​
When used smartly, marketing automation is a powerful tool that allows today’s marketing and sales professionals to automate time-consuming tasks, drive ROI, and grow business revenue. With a constant watch on technological developments, our team provides the level of know-how that allows for successful implementation of automated workflows—whether for email marketing, social media posting, ad campaigns, tracking or analytics. Employing leading tools, we provide you with significant productivity gains and ensure valuable experiences for prospective and current customers. As a result, your marketing automation efforts operate at maximum efficiency, taking full advantage of lead generation techniques to attract, engage, convert, and retain customers.
It’s common for experienced advertising and marketing professionals to target the best ideas and tactics intuitively. Still, marketing remains a delicate balance of art and science. Predicting people’s exact behavior and uncovering what makes users tick and click requires more than instinct—notably in today’s fast-paced and quickly evolving landscape. Digital provides excellent tools, along with increased flexibility, to effectively deliver higher performing user experiences and reach your set of targets. The process is dubbed A/B Testing. By creating different iterations of a digital asset, and employing A/B testing tools over a period of time, our team will help you gather insights to fine-tune critical components and strengthen your digital impact.​

Let’s build a winning strategy for your digital journey!

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