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02.the story

As proponents of big data and business intelligence keep making the headlines, it’s all too easy to forget that forward-thinking companies have been singing the praises of data-driven decision making for quite some time. Canadian-based company Storetraffic pioneered people counting systems decades ago, educating retailers big and small on the value of customer traffic information to grow business and optimize strategies.

With a host of companies following in their wake—including startups and established brands—the retail traffic experts at Storetraffic actively reexamined their business strategies. As it leveraged its experience to move forward with a renewed game plan, Storetraffic turned to Zerda Digital to transform its online presence and implement an overarching marketing strategy.

03.the challenge

Remaining competitive is one thing. Responding to the tangible threat of rival companies while simultaneously rebooting your product offering, targeting new markets, increasing brand awareness, and creating a whole new website, that’s another. Storetraffic knew it had to work on critical areas to consolidate its position; this was not a “kill two birds with one stone” type of undertaking.

The process required an appreciation for Storetraffic’s vision and its industry. A keen sequencing of tactics was also necessary to capitalize on each marketing initiative, with respect to budget and business targets. The importance of this action plan was made greater still by Storetraffic’s disappointing past experiences. Once burned, twice as shy; moving forward with strategic recommendations, we were also tasked with reinstating the added value of working with a professional marketing team.

Goal Setting




04.the approach


We kick-started our collaboration with Storetraffic by auditing the brunt of its marketing at the time: online advertisement. Our analysis highlighted how inappropriate KPIs yielded erroneous lead and conversion costs. We enlightened decision-makers on successful keyword campaign factors and established valid performance indicators.


This discovery stage evolved into an all-encompassing audit of Storetraffic’s marketing strategy. To deliver an agile action plan with long-lasting reach, we approached the project with the usual Zerda mindset: our team diligently worked at acquiring an in-depth understanding of Storetraffic’s business.

Competitor’s analysis

The brand’s new website would be the cornerstone of its repositioning and renewed marketing plan. We surveyed the client on pain points and established our diagnosis. Using a 4-pronged analysis method, we audited top performing websites and benchmarked the highest scores and best online shopping practices.

Information architecture

Focusing on three pillars—structure, technology, offer—we developed a scalable and human-centric platform, introducing a seamless eCommerce feature in the process. We structured information with a renewed focus on the brand’s value proposition and enhanced webpage linkage to reflect the new product architecture.

A/B testing

Through user journey and A/B testing, we designed intuitive pathways around trigger points for different personas and contexts. To reflect Storetraffic’s fresh and friendly brand (re)positioning, we ditched stale stock images and recommended a playful combination of illustration, pics and bespoke icons, suitable to local and international markets.

Marketing strategy

We followed suit with new content for English and French versions of the website, honing messaging to engage audiences, reflect brand persona, and leverage SEO insights. We also established a vital monitoring system to continually optimize website performance and ongoing marketing tactics.

05.the outcome

The new Storetraffic website’s design and messaging ethos set the stage for a host of compelling marketing assets, including 2D and 3D video animations, eNews, online text and display ads, print advertising, targeted landing pages, product packaging, and trade collaterals.

Multidisciplinary skill set, expertise, insight, and professionalism, the Zerda team proved itself a first-class partner, with a keen understanding of our business and industry. Without a doubt, our collaboration with Zerda Digital has invigorated our vision, sharpened our tactics, and empowered our marketing strategies.

Patrick Thuot, President, Storetraffic

Through exhaustive analytics and optimized keyword-driven advertising, we also raised Storetraffic’s online profile, with search rankings going from withering to thriving. Taking advantage of Zerda Digital’s marketing expertise, we bolstered brand lift with CRM tactics and optimized the company’s lead process, creating a dynamic lead generation funnel with multiple entry points. Conversion numbers also reached new heights, with stand-out results.

Working as an integral part of the team, Zerda Digital provided Storetraffic decision-makers with robust new performance metrics, and an empowering understanding of the brand’s digital environment and its underlying potential. Leveraging our systematic and open-ended approach, we translated Storetraffic’s business decisions into a comprehensive marketing strategy, focused on long-term success.

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