Reimagined web platform empowers marketing teams and bolsters GTM strategies

Furthering its commitment to clients, people, communities and the planet, HCL Technologies launched a major brand overhaul.

A testament to decades of accomplishments, the company’s newly supercharged ethos reinvigorated all aspects of its branding, from visual identity to new trademark signature and name: HCLTech.
Forging ahead as one of the fastest-growing global technology companies, HCLTech enlisted Zerda Digital’s expertise to spearhead the transformation of its international website.
Clients on a global scale rely on HCLTech’s expertise in Digital, Engineering, Cloud and AI. 
Powered by over 220,000 people, the company’s footprint extends to 60+ countries.
As companies grow, so do their websites. However, with thousands of pages, the legacy website had become a challenge; stakeholders needed stronger data to monitor performance and select pages strategically before revamping the website.’s rebranding was an opportunity to refine the alignment of its Digital, Engineering, Cloud and AI expertise with evolving industry horizontals and verticals. That meant rethinking overall site mapping, navigation and information architecture.
Core website elements needed attention. Legacy visual assets didn’t suit the new branding, while existing content didn’t reflect HCLTech’s evolution — from its offering to its ability to keep up with or surpass competitors.
This wasn’t a mere reskinning. The new supercharged brand identity had to be interpreted, created, and transposed to the web — the majority of new web-specific design elements and components were still inexistent.
The legacy website’s backend platform had reached its limits. On top of hampering consistency efforts on the existing website, it prevented revamping and creating new web pages at speed and at scale.
With teams worldwide contributing to the website, branding and UXUI inconsistencies are a major concern. Creating a new web platform that addresses and prevents quality control issues in the future was paramount.

Zerda has a culture of quality and customer service, while always suggesting and proposing ways to make work better. They are flexible and understand the realities of working in a large organization, and find ways to create "wow" moments for us to lead the larger organization to a better place.

Dan MacAvoy

Vice President, Digital Marketing, HCLTech

Compounding challenges, the new website had to go live for the eminent kick-off of HCLTech’s New York Metlife Stadium marketing partnership — a focal point of the international brand launch.


Zerda Digital worked closely with the CMO, VP of Digital Marketing, and their teams to meet the target. We established the project roadmap and outlined workflows around three consecutive mission-critical pillars.

1. Digital audit
Our multifaceted web audit provided visibility into legacy material performance. It afforded HCLTech’s digital marketing and business unit leadership with critical insights to retire pages or move forward with strong material.
2. Website architecture
Tapping into our web and tech industry knowledge, we worked closely with HCLTech to create a new website structure, including site mapping, cross-website information architecture and an exhaustive overhaul of nav and mega menus.
3. MarTech processes
Our team advised on and co-assembled technologies to bolster HCLTech’s digital marketing vision and build the website on solid foundations — from the legacy material audit to the transformative Figma UXUI platform to best practices for tracking and analytics.
4. Visual assets
Expanding on tier-1 brand applications, Zerda Digital helped transpose HCLTech’s new branding to the web. We created digital assets and presented imagery that reflects HCLTech’s narrative moving forward.
5. Content

Concrete applications based on the new writing style guide had yet to materialize. Working closely with HCLTech’s digital marketing team, we produced content for foundational pages, encapsulating the company’s evolving offering and narrative.

6. Design system
Central to project delivery and long-term scalability, we built a web design system (WDS) from the ground up. Packed with UXUI components and ready-to-use templates, the WDS allows HCLTech’s business units, designers, developers, and partners worldwide to create new pages quickly and consistently.
From initial wireframing to a fully fledge design system, we empowered stakeholders across the company’s marketing ecosystem, providing the impetus for new content production and building on the new brand identity with digital-specific UI assets.
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With equal emphasis on speed and consistency, we created a game-changing website design system (WDS) that includes all the foundational design components. The impact was immediate and lasting.


The WDS enabled optimal transferability, allowed for high-fidelity design applications, and reduced go-to-market time by up to 80% — from initial UX to post-development. 


Zerda Digital’s UXUI team also led worldwide stakeholder training; the WDS is now a cornerstone tool in HCLTech teams’ digital marketing arsenal.

Our UXUI designers juxtaposed static and interactive components, simultaneously delivering a more engaging website experience and helping to focus users’ attention.
Asserting HCLTech’s newly supercharged identity on the web, Zerda Digital’s 2D3D artists delivered compelling brand moments with bespoke beam and icon animations.
Fully responsive, HCLTech’s website meets users where they are. We designed the new platform with adaptability in mind.
From desktop to mobile and every screen in between, we ensured UI components could be adjusted with minimal effort, whether during the design or development phases.
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160% more visitors to after site launch

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Revenues up 15.8% YoY

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he service business grew 18.9% YoY in 2022

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EBIT since rebranding

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30% increase in brand familiarity

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Increase in go-to-market speed